<aside> ⚠️ Attention: Transak documentation has migrated to https://docs.transak.com. Please refer this link going forward.


<aside> ⏱ Integrate our fiat on or off ramp in any app or website in 5 minutes


Step 1 Create a business account

Businesses or developers can get started by clicking on the link below to create a partner account with us. (🚨 **If you are an individual wishing to purchase cryptocurrency go here**🚨 )

<aside> 🚀 Transak Partner Dashboard


As soon as you've created a partner account we will generate your staging API key. You can start building your integration using your staging API key straight away. You can find it in the Developers section of the dashboard.

Using the partner dashboard you can:

  1. Manage orders
  2. Enable the products you wish to avail [BUY (on ramp)/SELL (off ramp)]
  3. Set your commission percentage
  4. Configure Webhooks
  5. Find your staging & production API Keys and API Secrets

Step 2 Provide Business Information

Please provide some basic information about your business and your needs so we can ensure we get you set up for success.

<aside> ✏️ Partner Information Form


Step 3 Verify your Business

To enable your production API key and live transactions you need to submit your KYB (Know your Business) form.

The KYB form link can be found in your Partner Dashboard via the below link:

<aside> 🏢 KYB Form (please set “Environment” to Production)